Welcome to the new and improve 


Escape cosmetics was founded by Ryana Juliana on May 8th, 2018. 

Ryana was inspired by the love she had for the beauty industry and decided to start her own cosmetic brand.

She's a well known makeup artist on the island of Curaçao and has a total of 15K followers on Instagram and Facebook. The name Escape came from her teenage years where she used to do her own makeup and would call it an escape into her own world of beauty.


She always had an entrepreneurial side to her and decided to start her own business as Escape by RJ in 2016.

Her very first items were handbags and some affordable makeup which sold out really fast. But in the back of her mind Ryana always knew that her dream was to start her own cosmetic brand. In 2018 she dove into the cosmetic business without knowing as much as she should but had the grace for the business and decided to do it anyways.


The brand started with the name



The first products were luxury lashes and highlighters. After about a year and a half the first Escape beauty products were all sold out. Things got though and as a sole owner of the business without knowing how to handle a business properly she decided to stop for a while. Also, with a lot of personal growth and changes, her brand no longer represented who she has become. The previous concept was to escape the real world for a while and to feel as if you're traveling through her beauty products. But now, the new Ryana is happy and content in her own skin and doesn't feel the need to escape anymore. She decided to bring a new concept that will share more of her growth through her brand.


With personal growth comes changes & to improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often! as said by: "Winston Churchill".
At the end of 2019 the first step into re-branding was made and 
was born.


"This brand isn't just a beauty brand, it's a brand with a message. A message to inspire and empower! as said by: "Ryana Juliana"



The Mission and Vision of Escape Cosmetics is to inspire and empower through beauty. Each product has a powerful name and comes with an inspiring quote. Making Escape Cosmetics that one good friend that would remind you of your worth, inspire you to be the best version of you and to give you those angel messages that are surely just going to brighten your day. Because if we all saw the world through a more positive eye, the world would be a more beautiful place. 

Makeup tend to boost confidence and our vision here at Escape Cosmetics is to bring out a more confident, inspiring and motivated you in this beautiful world. 


Join us in this new journey of