Who's Ryana Juliana?

I'm a well known make-up artist from Curaçao known as Makeupbyryana on all social media platform. I'm mostly known on social media for my make-up looks.

I'm a young entrepreneur born and Raised in Curaçao and is the Founder & CEO of Escape Cosmetics. 

Why did you choose the name ESCAPE?

When I started modeling, I always did my makeup to attend my modeling classes and I was complimented allot by our teacher: Aubrey America. 

So I started doing my friends make-up, my sister and even myself every time I had a chance. Just so I can practice and become better at it. I then started working at a makeup store called "Otro kara" which used to be one of the best on the island and I've learned so much during my time there. 

I've quit and decided to go to college but I ended up dropping out, because I always saw myself as this young lady working at a bank and dressing the part. Which is what I got offered and I took the job. That was because I never liked to asked for anything, I just wanted my own income. But besides working at the bank I always had a side job which was being a make-up artist since I was 15 years old.

3 years ago I had this vision in my head and I was always stuck with it. which was launching my own make-up brand and the name ESCAPE came up because I used to tell my parents "Ok, I'll ESCAPE into my own world for a while" which was in my room doing my own make-up or making my own tutorials, and It felt like I was escaping the real world. And so the name ESCAPE stuck with me.

What makes this brand special and different than the rest?

The fact that I've poured my heart & soul in to it already makes it special and what makes it different is that I share more of myself in to my brand to not only sell my clients a beauty product but to be a brand with a message. I believe in encouragement and empowerment. So each product shares a message that would encourage and empower you into the person you are destined to become! 

What more can we expect from you and ESCAPE?

You guys can expect so much more from me and the brand because I don't tend to stop here.